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My Pal Violet – The Educational Plush Puppy Children Love

February 10th, 2021

Children just love My Pal Violet, the colorful plush puppy with the upbeat, playful voice. The name tag which lights up every time Violet plays music, or says something, completely grabs the little ones’ attention, and they chuckle with glee to hear their own name mentioned in phrases and songs.

The new My Pal Violet has no removable parts on the exterior, making it perfectly safe for young children to play with. It is also, despite its lightness (even the smallest child can hold and carry it), one tough cookie – sturdy enough to be tossed around or have its ears chewed.

My Pal Violet’s paws are embroidered with different symbols that turn on special features when pressed. The front left paw with the musical symbol plays music – your child will love squeezing the paw to hear an upbeat, 15-second song. There are ten tunes – three instrumental tunes and seven songs to teach special skills. Toddlers enjoy singing along and very young infants love just listening to the tunes.

Squeezing the front right paw with the ball symbol activates fun sentences aimed at teaching your child words, colors and emotions. The right foot has a stars/moon symbol and provides five different pieces of soothing music to lull your child to sleep. Squeeze once for two minutes of music, twice for five minutes, or three times for ten minutes.

My Pal Violet’s left foot is an on/off switch. No fear – she can be quickly reactivated by squeezing any of the other paws. There is, of course, a master off switch so parents can prevent activation through squeezing paws.

This switch, along with the speakers, batteries, volume control and other paraphernalia that work the magic behind the scenes, are safely stowed behind a velcro closure, inaccessible to tiny hands.

When the voice starts to sound distorted, it’s a simple matter to access the battery compartment with a screwdriver and change the three batteries.

There is also a USB port, which is used to connect to the LeapFrog Connect application on your computer – this enables customization – your child’s name can be searched in a database of thousands. My Pal Violet will delight your child by using their name in short sentences and incorporating it into songs. Your child’s favorite food, color and animal can also be selected for inclusion in phrases and songs.

This is one fun toy that young children really love. The personalization seems really magical to young minds and the interactive, educational aspect will really help your little one’s development.